Thursday, 12 May 2016

A day in the life of Maia // Portraits

This is my awesome friend Maia and the other day we strolled the streets of Hamilton and took some photos for fun. A fun fact about us is we often get mistaken for the same person or sisters!

 Lisa xx

Friday, 21 November 2014

NEW ZEALAND pt 2 // 2014

Time has gone so fast.  I've been here now for almost 5 months.  Wow.  I have since moved to Hamilton from Taranaki and i'm settling in with my new family, exploring the areas nearby and found a new church!   
Here are a few photos from my further travels.  This country is just breathtaking.  I love it.
Bike riding around Napier
Taranaki vs Canterbury
View from the top of Mt Maunganui

lisa xx

Monday, 8 September 2014


So if you didn't already know, i am currently in New Zealand.  This country is truly stunning and i am constanltly amazed by the different landscapes i see!  I have been traveling most weekends to different parts of the North Island and i am based on the West in Taranaki.
Here are a few iphone photos of my journey so far.  Enjoy friends!
Paritutu Rock, New Plymouth
Wellington Cable Car
Thermal activity, Craters of the Moon, Taupo
Craters of the Moon, Taupo
Lake Taupo at sunset
Dawson Falls, Mt Taranaki
Lake Mangamahoe
View of Mt Taranaki from Lake Mangamahoe
View from Te Rewa Rewa bridge, New Plymouth

Otaki Beach, Otaki
Wellington Waterfront
Mt Victoria Lookout, Wellington
New Plymouth
Wellington City
View from Paritutu Rock
Ohawe Beach
Mt Taranaki ski field carpark
So that's just a few of the many photos i have taken whist here.  I still have a fair few months to go and not much space left on my iphone! 

It wouldn't be all that without good food (mud cake, i love you) and new friends, oh and Uh-mazing hot chcolate!  Here's a few pics of some de-lish food and fab new friends.

Much love to all my beautiful friends in England, i miss you!  
Lisa x

Monday, 7 July 2014


This shoot, what can i say?  I loved everything about it, the light filled space, the simple beautiful dress, the handcrafted flowers and our gorgeous model all really helped pull this off.  So myself & Tara had been planning a shoot for before I left for NZ for ages and it finally happened.  Here are some of the photos from the shoot! 

Model: Olivia
Location: Exeter Phoenix

So as most of you know i am now in New Zealand for a while so I might not be posting for a while.  I have started another blog so will link that in when I have the time.

Lisa xx